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Recovery with Canyonlands Healthcare

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is treatment for addiction that includes the use of medication along with counseling and other support.

MAT provides a safe, controlled level of medication. It is not replacing one addictive drug for another. Addiction is a disease, it is NOT a sign of weakness. It can be treated with medication, counseling and other support systems. Recovery is possible. It takes work, dedication and commitment through treatment and beyond.

Counseling can provide you with encouragement and with motivation to stick to treatment. It can help you learn how to make healthy decisions, handle setbacks and stress, and move forward with your life

Treatment with Medication

If you are addicted, medication treatment can reduce problems of withdrawal and craving. These changes can give you the chance you need to focus on the lifestyle changes that lead back to healthy living. A few medications that have proven to be effective with opioid addiction treatment are:

We also have free Narcan available for overdose reversal.

Medication Assisted Treatment helps you give up the problem drug. It helps you get through withdrawal and coping with cravings. MAT also helps you change addictive thinking into non-addictive, health­y patterns. It can help you move away from other harmful behaviors, too, such as drinking alcohol or abusing other drugs besides the problem opioid.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Substance Abuse

Life Issues and Lifestyle Changes

Just as important, treatment helps you address life issues you might have that are tied to the addiction, such as feelings of low self-worth, a bad situation at work or home, or spending time with people who use drugs. In short, treatment helps you move into a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle—into a way of living referred to as recovery.